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'Basements' - a follow up to 2016's 'Attics' - plays out like a lost transmission from some other place or time. A warm wave of sound from start to finish, 'Basements' is a collection of floating folk songs about love, loss, and friendship.


The EP was inspired by the places along our journey that inevitably shape our experience; all the spaces we come to inhabit and share with one another.


Similar to the first EP, 'Basements' was recorded in a make-shift home studio, this time in the basement where Dan was living. Dan played and recorded all the instruments on the EP, building up the songs from their acoustic bones during the recording process, multi-tracking the parts to flesh out the sound.


" ‘Basements’ is a low-key production created solely by Victoria artist Dan Belgue (BEL), and it probably was recorded in his basement. However, that is not to say the EP lacks depth or richness. “To Be Found”, for example, is bathed lavishly in reverb guitar, lending an otherworldly feel. Belgue often indulges (much to our delight) in breezy, free-form guitar passages, such as on the two instrumentals “Transmission 1” and “Transmission 2”. On songs like “Candle Stick” he brings it all together — his easy singing style, melodic senses, and a structure that he continually breaks out of."

- Ride The Tempo, Sept. 02, 2018